Monday, April 12, 2010

Eeee! Look How Pretty!!!

So I already wrote one post today. But then something wonderful happened! And so now I'm posting again.

At approximately 3:41pm I received a phone call from my lovely fiance Jeff informing me that today he was going to pick up my wedding band after work!!!!! At approximately 5:27pm I called him to confirm that the ring was in his possession (it was). At approximately 7:40pm I called and begged for pictures (which he oh-so-wonderfully took with his phone and emailed to me even though he was at the driving range). And now, at approximately 7:50pm I am writing this post because I just have to share the prettiness with you all.

Remember, here's my e-ring:

I'll let the wedding band pictures speak for themselves.

Swoon. I cannot wait to get that pretty thing on my left hand where it belongs. Going from thinking I just wouldn't get a wedding band, to having this pretty piece of white gold and diamonds just makes me all happy on the inside. I mean, I know the wedding isn't about the rings, but gosh they're so darn pretty!

I'm officially all for the custom-design route when it comes to wedding jewelry. What do you think?

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