Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sugar, sugar...

So remember when I really wanted cookies and milk at our reception? (If not, check it out here.)

Sorry to disappoint, but...well...umm...basically...that's not happening.

It turns out our venue has a pretty strict no-outside-food policy...and it turns out they don't really want to let me break the rules. Something about health codes and liability or something. Yeah, like I'm going to poision my wedding guests.

I asked if the catering staff could do it, but apparently they'd like to charge me $3 per person for everyone to have one little cookie and one little shotglass of milk. Umm, no thanks. For that amount of money, I could buy myself two shiny new KitchenAid mixers.

Or better yet, one mixer and one puppy!

Mixer source, Puppy source

I haven't totally ditched the idea. My beloved cookies and milk could maybe make a Rehearsal Dinner appearance. Or maybe just a night-before-the-wedding appearance. My bridesmaids are all spending the night with me, and I'm sure they won't mind. :) Cookie Pajama Party!!!

But guess what...I have a new plan for my wedding day sugar high: Candy buffet! I've actually OKed this one with the venue already (Why is candy acceptable, but cookies aren't?). This could double as a favor for all our guests, and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm hoping for something like these:

So basically I need like 6-10 glass jars, and a buttload of candy! I've done a little research on this already, and guess what? There are websites like Candy Warehouse that let you buy candy in 5-10 pound packages. My ten-year old sister is going to love this project! Wait...who am I kidding? I am going tolove this project! I'm pretty sure I've been waiting my entire life to have 10 pounds of gummi O's show up in my mailbox. Or outside my mailbox, because my mailbox is just not that big.

I'm still a little bummed about the cookies, but I'm really excited about the possibility of a table filled with candy!! What do you think? Any candy buffet tips?


  1. A candy buffet!? That's awesome!!!

    PS - I love kitchenaide mixers!

  2. That sounds brilliant! Can we put in requests? What colors are you going to do?

  3. My youth minster had one at her wedding with a twist..
    she graduated from Tech so every candy that was on the table was either red, black or white. It turned out incredible! (except the black licorice, but that's a personal preference) so a definite thumbs up for the candy buffet

  4. You are so cute! Candy buffet...I think yes haha and I really like the mixers!!

  5. I went to a party once with a candy buffet and they had cute little chinese take-out style boxes to put it in. It was really cute.