Monday, March 29, 2010

A Ring Made of...Green Wax?

Okay, so I have this pretty engagement ring, right?

Ooh! Sparkly!

And I like to look at it and ooh and aah at it, especially its pretty little engraved sides. Sometimes I feel like I should give it a name. Something pretty but exciting. Something like Isabella. Or Lola!

Lola? Yes?

Anyway, it was all happiness and Ring Land, until I realized I need a wedding band. You know, a little ring that will cover up one of the pretty sides of my dear Lola! Yikes!

I bravely accompanied J to various jewelry stores looking for a nice little wedding band to go with my pretty ring, but all I could find were bands that made my ring look not-quite-as-pretty. The bands covered up the pretty sides. They didn't match the engraving. They didn't fit with the not-quite-flat but not-quite-curved shape. Lola doesn't make friends easily.

I decided to just forego the wedding band entirely. Who needs a second ring anyway? Lola's an independent girl.

Or at least she was....until my mom and grandma started commenting that everyone would look at my left hand and think I was just engaged for the rest of my life. I realize that this may or may not be true, but a little part of me started to crave the wedding band I had given up on. Plus, what girl doesn't jump at the opportunity for just a few more diamonds? Hehe.

J had a friend at work who knew a custom designer named Nicole, so we went to see her. I made this diagram of what I wanted (I know, I know...micromanage much?), and she told me she could do it. Lola will have a buddy after all!

Milgrain. Engraving. Curvy a little bit.

Nicole's jeweler just finished a model of what my band will look like, and here it is!

They can make a model of green wax to show you! How cool is that?
Oh and look...the engraving will match. Type A Katie is thrilled.

Those little holes will have diamonds just like the ones on my E-ring. See how it fits flush against Lola? They're friends.

That little sparkly detail is called a "Peekaboo diamond," and Nicole thought of it for me. I love how it will make the side view a little more interesting.

So, I will have a wedding band after all, and it will be perfect. It actually isn't much more expensive than the non-custom rings we were looking at, so we're happy!

What do you think? Will Lola like her new friend, or will she be unhappy sharing the spotlight?


  1. Ooh, I love it! We had to have my bands custom made too because I was so picky about them sitting flush with my e-ring. I can't wait to see them finished!

  2. I'm super excited for your custom band! My mom got a really simple band that doesnt go with her e-ring at all and I secretly don't like it. Yours is awesome though! I'm definitely gonna keep that in mind if I ever get engaged! :D