Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The most important part of our wedding is the part in the Church when we actually become husband and wife before God and our families and friends and yadda yadda yadda.

The second most important part is the cake. Yeah. It's that important. When we got engaged, I first booked the Church, then the country club, and then the cake. Yep.

I used to think it was highly possible that no bride cared more about her cake than I did. Then I saw this picture.

I did some research and compiled a list of 7 different cake vendors that I wanted to meet with. I fully intended on visiting all seven for tastings (this may or may not be partially due to my strong love of cake...), and then picking one based entirely on the taste of the cake. Decorative and pretty cakes are great, but cakes were created to taste good, and any cake allowed into my wedding must be pleasing to the taste buds!!

The first on my list of seven was a 9:00am appointment with Nutmeg & Co.

[[SIDENOTE: Schedule your cake tastings for the morning. Just do it. Cake for breakfast is the best. Seriously.]]

I arrived with Mommy and MOHsister in tow, and I was pretty excited. Megan from Nutmeg and Co. gave us tea and water and fancy napkins with our cake samples, which was pretty cool.

Me and MOHsister, ready for cake breakfast!

We each grabbed a fork, and with a glance at each other to say Let the eating begin!, we dug in. And then, something surprising happened... Megan's cake was good. Like, real good. My mom was making yummm noises. Each flavor seemed impossibly better than the last, until I reached the Holy Grail of wedding cake: Nutmeg and Co.'s white cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese icing. I immediately thought to myself, "I need this cake at my wedding. And possibly at every birthday from now until I get so old that I have no taste buds left."

Plus there's this: It has dark red parts on the inside. So even after we cut into it, it will match the wedding colors! Is it crazy that this pleases me? Probably.

A minute or so later I put a forkful of Megan's "chocolate truffle" into my mouth, and it was Game Over again. J's grooms cake? Done. I did a good fiance thing and asked Megan to box up the leftover pieces of each slice so I could take them home to J. J, Daddy, and littleBMsister loved the cake as well. We polished off every last crumb. Delish. This cake was the best cake ever. Hands down.

Daddy, J, and littleBMsister. They like cake almost as much as I do.

Of course, I did have those 6 other cake places left to try. In my mind I was pretty sure that cake just doesn't get much better, but on the off chance that beyond-blissful cake existed, I wanted to keep looking.

Hello delicious cakes...I want to eat every single one of you again. And again. And again.

A few more tastings later, I realized I was right all along. Really, really good cake can't be found just anywhere, and I had luckily stumbled upon it in my first tasting! I scratched the last few on my list of seven, and quickly got back to Megan with some sketches of what I wanted for my cakes. She's been a dream to work with ever since!

Ahh, a match made in cake heaven. :)

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