Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

People keep asking me what J and I did for Valentine's Day. It's like they expect something sweet and romantic out of us. You know, since we're an engaged couple and all.

Newsflash: The proposal was about as romanticsweetsappy as it gets. And we got that out of our system in December. So Valentine's Day = not-so-much the epitome of chick-flic-esqueness.

We did get each other gifts and cards though (on February 12th, because it worked for us). I got J this:

And he got me this:

Yep, we went out together and bought a patio furniture set. Our little balcony was looking a little empty, so for Valentine's Day we filled it up. I wish I could tell you that we put it together and sat on it gazing into the courtyard sharing a bottle of wine and a blanket, but we didn't. It was cold outside. We still haven't assembled it.

The balcony gets a V-Day present!

In other news, we received our first gift off our registry (which I have yet to blog about! Ack!)! My parents gifted us these for Valentine's Day:

Lennox "Jubilee Pearl" Toasting Flutes!

They were a little detail that we wanting for the wedding, but didn't want to spend the money on, so it was sooo nice that Mom and Dad got these for us! They're going to be so cute with little navy ribbon bows! J pretended to drink out of one. I squealed and grabbed it from him and told him he wasn't allowed to drink out of it until the wedding . Apparently I'm a little sentimental after all. :o)

Did anybody else have a practical Valetine's Day? Or is being engaged bringing out the sappy in you?

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  1. We did! Haha, I'm just about to blog about it, but we did a whole lot of... nothing. Between me being crazy busy, him working 50 hrs last week, and us buying a house, Valentine's Day kind of got pushed to the side. I'm totally content with how we spent the weekend, though!