Friday, February 19, 2010

The Search for a Pretty Dress - Part Three

Need a refresher?
First, I found out the heirloom dress I had planned on wearing had giant stains.
Then, I panicked and left the first bridal shop I tried after just 3 dresses.

After a while, I decided I liked the David's dress enough to buy it, and I wanted to go try it on one more time and place my order. I asked for a new salesperson, waited for an hour because I didn't have an appointment, and I tried it on again.

Let me say this: THANK GOD I TRIED IT AGAIN. New Saleslady told me I needed a size 2. I mentioned that Old Saleslady had suggested a 0 Petite, and New Saleslady told me that was absolutely ridiculous. Apparently petite sizes are 4 inches shorter, and would end up being about ankle length on me. Thanks a million Old Saleslady.

Looking at the hemline made me notice the lace pattern...look at the spiky flowers! Shouldn't lace by round and elegant, not pointy? Is that just me?

Next New Saleslady told me that the fitted-around-the-butt look that I liked wasn't actually how the dress was made. Apparently Old Saleslady just pinned it to look like that. Thanks again Old Saleslady.

See all that pretty bunchedness? It's not real.

New Saleslady also mentioned that since the sample was about 4 sizes too big, the one in my size would have considerably less fabric up top and be considerably more revealing. I didn't want more revealing. I actually didn't really want the dress at all!

Shave a centimeter off both sides? No thank you!

So I decidedly left David's Bridal without ordering a dress, and with the realization that some sales people aren't the experts I had assumed them to be.

My next stop (the very next day!) was Ventura's Bridal in Houston. The nice thing about Ventura's is that they basically let me wander around and pull anything I might like off the racks. Which would be great, except this place was filled to the brim with strapless ball gowns. I knew as soon as I walked into the showroom that I wasn't going to find anything I wanted. My salesperson actually said "Oh, you don't want a ball gown? Well then this one rack here is probably where you want to look." One rack. Literally, there were like a whopping five feet of non-poofy dresses.

It doesn't look great on the oustide, and for me, the inside wasn't much better.

I didn't find anything promising, but I grabbed 3 just to have something. I was exchanging glances with my mom. I didn't want to be a wedding marshmallow in a poofy dress. I tried on the three, and none really worked. They wouldn't let me take pictures. They wouldn't let my mom in the dressing room.

Whoa. Beware of the poof!

The owner of the store kept making me try on mermaid gowns because "they're just so cute on your little figure!" And the saleslady kept sticking this weird belt on me. It was giant and covered in grey flowers and I kept telling her I didn't like it and she kept insisting it would "make the look complete!" And then she kept telling me stories about her niece who has no boobs and doesn't like dresses and should've been born a boy. And then she kept complaining about how she used to be a designer but now she's stuck in sales. And then after I had tried on about 25 dresses, right when I thought she might finally let me leave, she suggested I look through their catalogs so they could order me a dress. At that point, I had about had it, and I asked her for a business card so I could come back later and try again. I had no intention of coming back.

I had another appointment schedule later in the day at Brickhouse Bridal, so I said a little prayer for better luck next time, and went off to eat some yummy Mexican food.

Quesadillas make everything better!

Stay tuned...this dress search is fast and furious, and isn't far from over!

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