Monday, February 8, 2010

Process of Elimination - Down to One Option!

I previously blogged about our venue search, and it's similarities to a multiple choice standardized test. Yep, we picked our venue using the POE (process of elimination). Romantic and exciting, no?

When I left off, the POE had given me 4 possible reception locations. I pretty quickly POE-ed a little more, and ruled out Northgate Country Club, home of my cousin's wedding. Despite the wood paneling and pretty staircase, I just couldn't bring myself to go all copycat on her wedding. She totally wouldn't have cared, but this is me. The bride who's a tiny teensy bit obsessed with making her wedding unique and personalized. And so, Northgate was out.

Northgate, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

So I evaluated my three remaining options.

Pine Forest Country Club - One phone call. Not available July 31st. POE-ed.

Oh, Pine Forest. It's okay. Your ceilings were too low anyway.

Chateau Polonez - One look at its page on Project Wedding. Falls into the $$$$ price range. $5000-7000 flat fee. $75-100 per person. Times 200 guests equals...Whoa. POE-ed.

Oh, Chateau. I dared not even set foot inside you for fear of falling in love with your lovely architecture and not-so-lovely prices!

Raveneaux Country Club - One phone call. Available July 31st. Reasonably priced. One visit...gorgeous renovations. Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

On our wedding day we'll finish the ceremony, and drive up to this building:

We'll head on in, and be announced as Mr. and Mrs. in this ballroom:

Our guests will dine, drink, dance, and delight in the view from this terrace:

And a few much-too-short hours later, we'll leave down these stairs amidst waving sparklers, and hop into our yet-too-be-blogged-about getaway transportation:

Thanks to my dear friend POE, we have our venue! Anybody else out there making wedding decisions using my friend POE?

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