Sunday, February 7, 2010

Presenting...Our Save the Dates!

Now that these are beginning to make their way into the hands of our beloved guests, and despite the fact that the Canadian faction of our guest list won't get them for a while longer, I'm ready to share them with you all!

I originally wanted it to go on a magnet. But then I realized EVERYONE has a Save the Date with a magnet. And we all know how I feel about being just like everyone else. :)

Plus, I had put a lot of effort into designing what I wanted on it, and most of the magnet websites weren't giving me enough personalization options. I had a file, but I also had a fear of uploading it, ordering magnets, and then receiving a blurred/distorted/discolored/edges-cut-off image on the magnets. So no magnets.

My mom asked me what exactly I was planning on doing about the Save the Dates. I told her I was just going to make them myself. She told me I was getting in over my head. I told her it would take me more time to find someone who could make exactly what I wanted than it would for me to do it myself. She believed me. I crafted.

Here they are, our completely DIY Save the Dates!

Click to make the images bigger! Now that I think about it, it would have been so cute to include a little round magnet in addition to the card! Someone please take that idea and run with it! Tutorials to come...

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