Saturday, February 27, 2010

J's First Job - The Honeymoon!

I previously mentioned how J gets "wedding jobs" of his own to work on. His first wedding job was planning our honeymoon!

I pretty much gave him free rein to come up with whatever he wanted. I figured he knows what I like, and he knows what he likes, so whatever he came up with would be great. He took this job really seriously, and he spent multiple hours every day for a few weeks researching honeymoon destinations. After like three weeks he told me he had it all planned and ready, and wanted to run it by me before he booked everything.

I was excited, and thrilled when I found out we will be going here...

Sandals Negril!

We'll be spending our days on this beach...


We'll indulge in all the all-inclusive fun of these restaurants...

We'll  have yummy drinks like this...

We'll stay in this two-story suite...

And we'll have our very own butler to bring us drinks, reserve our beach chairs in the morning, and make our restaurant reservations. How freakin' cool is that?!?

This is going to be the vacation of a lifetime!! (all pictures from

I'm so glad I handed the honeymoon planning off to J. If it had been my decision, I probably would've tried to find somewhere less popular, somewhere unique and interesting. I would have spent way too much time and effort searching for the "perfect" place, and then ended up with a honeymoon that was adventurous or interesting (i.e. exhausting...), but not relaxing. J picked well...the honeymoon should be relaxing, and we should go somewhere where we don't have to worry about anything. I can't wait!

Honestly, if I had been deciding, I probably would've picked somewhere cheaper. Or I would've at least picked a cheaper room. But since J did it, and spent a bit more than I would have, we'll have that awesome two-story condo with a butler! At first I was like whoa honey, did you see that ginormous number next to that dollar sign? But then I thought about it for a second (a second during which my thoughts went something like umm, butler! hello!), and I decided I was over the big number. Why shouldn't we splurge on our honeymoon? We have the money, and we only get one chance at this, so why shouldn't we make the best of it? Once again, J picked well.

Where are you going on your honeymoon? Who planned it? Did you "splurge" to go somewhere fancy?

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