Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where to say "I do?" Part III: In Which We Finally Check Off a To-Do List Box!

After exhausting Options 1 and 2, we were left with pretty much one other choice: a hometown wedding in the Houston suburb of Cypress, TX, in the church my parents attend (not the same church I grew up in, unfortunately).

I'll be honest. I was less than excited about a wedding at Prince of Peace. I was less than less than excited. The wedding coordinator called me by my younger sister's name twice in the first conversation we had, and the church had dark green carpet.

This isn't the church, but the walls and carpet are VERY similar.

But, things started looking up! Coincidentally, J's parents had their wedding reception in Prince of Peace's gym (back when it was the only place big enough in Cypress), so we had sentimental value! The wedding coordinator was willing to hold a date for us even though we hadn't completed our marriage prep yet! I felt comfortable planning a wedding in the place J and I grew up, surrounded by familiar people and places. So, I set aside my feelings about the green carpet, and moved forward.

And then, an even greater miracle occurred! Prince of Peace recently built a smaller Chapel across from the Main Church. It turns out the "small Chapel" holds 300 people! Plenty! Green carpet, move over and make room for pretty red and blue stained glass!!

Okay, so you can't see the stained glass, but thats what all that stuff on both sides of the altar is. And subtract the Christmas trees. They won't be there.

Helo, pretty entrance! See? You can kinda see the red and blue stained glass on the door! Again, delete the Christmas tree.
(both pictures from my camera)

So, that's the aisle I'll happily walk down in July, and we're officially doing our marriage preparation for the Catholic Church at Prince of Peace. But wait, it gets better!

Remember my excitement with St. Mary's and Mary being the perfect model of a wife/mother and yadda yadda? Wellll my friends, this Chapel just so happens to be called "The Mary Chapel." Two points for Prince of Peace (POP?).

Also, every been to a wedding with a long gap between the ceremony and reception? That was going to be us. The Church is open for weddings at 10:30 and 1:00, and we wanted an evening reception. But, the lovely (not so)little Chapel is open for weddings at 4:30pm, and we're doing it then! Another two points for POP.

And with that, our saga of church choosing is complete. And we all lived happily ever after.

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  1. That's so exciting!! I'm guessing you read about it, but our search for a church was difficult too. We aren't able to get married at our church because the date is blocked for VBS the next week, and we looked into several others that didn't work out before finally finding the one we're using! It's not nearly as beautiful as yours, and it really doesn't have special meaning to us, but it will be fine and still super special.