Sunday, December 6, 2009

There was a question, and he popped it!

Yes, that's right, J and I are engaged!

"To be married?!?"
"Of course, what other kind of engaged is there?!?!"

Anybody catch the Pride & Prejudice reference? Just me? Oh...okay.

Anyway, this pretty shiny ring belongs to me!!

I guess you all want the story and it is:

It was a cold, rainy, gray-sky December day in College Station, TX. I crawled out of bed early, forced myself to eat some breakfast, bundled up, and left my apartment to take the LSAT. It was a big day for me, but at that point I had no idea just how big it really was...

A few hours later I had the big test done, and I called J to let him know how it went. But he didn't answer his phone! Imagine that! I had been studying for basically forever for that test, he knew I was taking it, he should've been just sitting, waiting for me to call! What kind of boyfriend doesn't even answer his phone when the love of his life is taking a really, really important test?!

The answer is, the kind of boyfriend who happens to be planning a proposal for that very day! Unbeknownst to me, he had flown in that morning from South Carolina, went to my parents' house in Houston to talk to them, and then stopped at his parents' house for lunch (at which point he wasn't answering the phone in order to prevent me overhearing his family's voices).

I ate some lunch and went out Christmas shopping, and an hour or so later J arrived at my apartment. He sat, waiting for me to get home.

I LOVE that they thought to take this picture.

I got a phone call from my roommate that went something like this:

Roommate: Are you EVER coming home?
Me: Well yeah, I'm just doing some Christmas shopping.
Roommate: But when are you coming home?
Me: I don't know, is everything okay?
Roommate: Yeah, but please just come home soon!

Weird. That was followed by a phone call with my mother that went like this:

Mom: Oh, Katie!! Hi sweetheart, I'm so excited!
Me: Hi...uhh, why are you excited?
Mom: *pause* know, just the holidays and all...
Me: Oh, yeah I'm doing some Christmas shopping right now.
Mom: Oh, so you're not at home? You really should go home, you've had a long day...

I eventually did decide to go home (about two hours later...a girl's gotta shop!), and when I walked in the door I found (drum roll, please) roommate sitting on the couch with her boyfriend. Anticlimatic, huh?

I promise the exciting part is coming...just wait for the next post!

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  1. Okay I need to find the next post I want to hear the whole story! I'm hooked!