Friday, November 13, 2009

Warm Fuzzy Feelings and Cold Icy Treats

Now that I'm officially graduating in May, it's starting to hit me that I need to be cherishing the moments I have right now. Yesterday some of my best friends and I took some time out of our busy schedules to stop at Cold Stone and use some ice cream coupons. Now, normally ice cream is a summer food. Sure. But, when you have Buy One-Get One coupons, you simply must use them. Even if it means ice cream on a cold night. Use those coupons! To prove how cold it was (and yes, I'll admit, this was "cold" by Texas standards...I'm slightly wimpy), I'll show you what my roommate left our apartment wearing:

Toms, and fuzzy thick socks. Classy.

When we got to the ice cream shop we encountered a dilemma: no empty tables. Normally, no big deal! We'll sit outside! But was just much too cold. So what are four coupon-savvy college kids to do?! Answer: Sit in the shopping center's elevator to the parking garage. I'm not kidding. We did.

We just plopped our little bums down on the floor and ate our ice cream.

And we were happy.

Plus, it was kind of like an adventure, because every time the elevator would start to move we would jump up and grab all of the ice cream supplies so strangers wouldn't see us being so silly! Sadly, no actual strangers witnessed this...just a few false alarms.

Thank God for moments like these with my best friends. Memories are so important.

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