Sunday, November 15, 2009


My last post was about making crazy memories with my best friends. And this one is just the same. Want to know what we did this time? Drum roll please...**dum da dum da dumdum dum da da dum* PUZZLE NIGHT!

Yeah, I can hear you. "What the heck is puzzle night? It sounds lame." Well imaginary blogger audience voice, you are wrong. It was fun. And there were "puzzle-ritas." And I documented it for your viewing pleasure. Katie - 1. Disbelieving imaginary blog audience - 0.

We finished this bad boy first. And boy, we were motivated!

And then we got started on a second! This was serious puzzle business!

But eventually I got bored with the puzzles...and decided to play with my camera instead. Which resulted in the following:

Macro settings! Yay!

Aggie Rings are fun to photograph! Yes, I realize that second one is upside down. I must have been puzzled (shameless pun horribly intended).

I feel so silly getting all nostalgic about my college friends. But these people have been with me since the day we moved into the dorm together, and they've supported me through thick and then. I'm so blessed to have friends like these, and I'm trying to savor these last six or seven months that we have all together in good old College Station. Sigh...growing up is hard.

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