Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's the Holiday Season!

Black Friday shopping was a success. We even made it home by 8:30am, in time to go to the Christmas Tree Farm!!!

My family has been doing this ever since I can remember. We used to chop down about 5 trees, but one-by-one everybody converted to artificial, and this year we realized no one actually wanted a tree! But, tradition is tradition, so off we went to the farm!

My grandparents. They're so supportive of each other, and they approach everything as a team. J and I are so blessed to have such wonderful examples in our families of how marriage is supposed to function, and these two are definitely one of them.

What's that? Someone cutting a tree? Yep. We caved. What's a Christmas tree farm without the chance to use that saw? My wonderful uncle finally decided he needed a tree to go outside by their driveway, and this is it!

My beautiful sister with her poor-college-student version of a Christmas tree. I think she's putting it in a vase.

And, of course, we got the Christmas card shot. This is going out to all of our family and friends in a few weeks!

What's your holiday tradition? Does anybody still use a real Christmas tree in their house?

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