Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm back from beautiful South Carolina, and my goodness...we just don't have leaves like that in Texas! Hellloooo, Fall!! We got to visit a bunch of J's family in Charleston and in Edisto, which was wonderful as always, and just between you and me, I'm so beyond happy and oh-so-overly-excited that we're finally in November, which means J's graduating and coming home NEXT MONTH! EEeek!

Okay, done with all the excitement. Phew. Anyway, I just HAVE to show you pictures of all these mountains and trees. Because maybe some of you live in Texas like me and have no seasons. And because posts without pictures are like ovens without cookies. Sad.

This is Lake Lure. It's pretty. I like pretty things.

We got to spend hours together in the car, just enjoying the sunny day. Happy much? Why, yes!

He spent quite a bit of time writing in the dirt with this stick. I spent quite a bit of time taking pictures. It worked out.

I felt like these gorgeous red berries were whispering in my ear, "Winter is coming! Fall first, but then...December! December!" Oh how I love you, pretty red berries.

And of course, we had to precariously sit on a ledge on a mountaintop and take a self-portrait. You know, to prove we were there and all.

So, that's it! The trip to the mountains! I would definitely reccommend a trip down Blue Ridge Parkway through the Land of the Apple Orchards and over to Lake Lure if you've never been. I'd suggest going in November. :)

I have so much to blog about from before I left...Halloween posts = unfinished. Bad blogger! But, it's coming!!

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