Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Post. Better Late than Never!

Okay, I didn't want to blog about this since I sort of missed the window of opportunity on Halloween hype this year, but I can't get over some of these costumes! My sorority threw a pumpkin carving party, and girls were supposed to come dressed with their big/little sisters. Take a look at their creativity, and save these ideas for next year!

Three Amigos. It's hard to see, but they have mustaches drawn on their fingers! Adorable!


Bundles of Joy. This is one of the cleverest costumes I saw this year!!

Cutest DIY constume ever! The back had a sign that said "Put a Little Boogie in it!"

Alien, Spaceman, Galaxy.

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Doesn't this make YOU want a Fanta??

What's a college party without a Snuggie or two?

This little guy stole my heart. I don't even know who carved him, but I wanted him to come home with me!

Happy Belated Halloween!!

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