Friday, November 27, 2009

Coats! Success!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had! It's such a blessing to have the family all together. I have to share with you the fruits of our Thanksgiving Day shopping!


We found one for me (the red one, only $30!), and one for my sister (the cream one, only $50!). I think Granddad was pretty proud of his bargain-shopping-granddaughters. Then again, maybe he was just happy we were home to start our part of the cooking. He does really like green bean casserole. For our first-ever T-Day shopping, I'd say we did pretty well! Plus, we were only gone for about 30 minutes, so it didn't really mess up our happy Thanksgiving time!

We're going Black Friday shopping for the first time tomorrow, any tips? I think we're starting with Kohl's at 4:00am!

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