Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We're going to just rewind a sec back to a couple weeks ago. Okay with you? Good. Moving on...

There's a lovely park by my parents' house, and they host a Fall Festival/Carnival thing each year. So we used my sister as an excuse to go to a kids-centered event, and had a blast!

I love this shot of my littlest sister...everyday there's less "little kid" in her, so it's special to capture it on film while it lasts.

Horses, always a crowd favorite!

I LOVE coming home to spend time with my family!

The wannabe photographer in me is a little eensy weensy bit proud of this photo...you know, with the duck wings flapping in the water and all...*blushes*

Nothing like a game of Toss-A-Toad to liven up your afternoon!

I love that the area my parents live in puts on community events like this...I'm a suburb girl at heart, so it'll be interesting to see how I do in a few months with the move to the big city! Any city girls want to pass on some advice?

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